The company

E-Making is an Engineering (listed on ANAC) company with a strong digital vocation, operating with Ethics, Professionalism, Scientific Method and Innovation.

Our main goal has always been to stand as our client’s best ally, who chooses us because of our ability to meet their requests with a punctual, precise and detailed approach. Many years of experience and the quick resolution of numerous critical issues have made us today strong with knowledge and capable of using tools tools capable of anticipating and managing all work processes in a clear and optimized way, in order to achieve the set goals.

Our values and dedication have distinguished us first as StudioDEG, then as e-Making, through the interventions we have carried out over the years, with a strong vocation for design and construction management in areas of high seismic risk, also due to the knowledge acquired in the post-earthquake reconstruction in L’Aquila (2009 earthquake) and in Emilia-Romagna (2012 earthquake).

E-Making, today, offers different services starting from the design and project management to the realization of the work, but not only that, the company’s innovation department also offers services of digitization of the built environment up to virtual staging in the design phase through the creation of Co-Design models with active participation of the client. All of our digital content is distributed through our e-Building platform created through an important partnership with the American company Matterpot Inc. the platform is now available in more than 180 countries and is distributed in SaaS (Software as a service) mode.

All activities are carried out with an ISO 9001:2015 certified management system, the certification allowed the activation of a new unit (E-MAKING | CHECK) that deals with Design Verification for validation, an activity aimed at both public and private contracting stations.

Design activities are carried out mainly with BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology also using the principles of Building Ergotechnics, which combined with the methodological approach of Design Thinking, facilitate and optimize the co-design process, putting people at the center of all E-Making (Human Centered Design) activities.


The strength, delicacy, creativity, industriousness, organization, and ingenuity of bees in wisely building their hive, guardian of a delicate balance that governs human survival on earth, are the source of inspiration of our Take Action.


“We work with passion and forward planning, following the difficult goal of combining scientific rigor, creativity, and respect for the environment, in order to find solutions to our clients’ needs and transform them, first into concrete ideas, then into functional, unique, and long-lasting works with the help of the most modern technologies, the result of scientific research in the field of Engineering, physics, as well as materials.”

Who we are

E-Making is an Engineering and Architecture company with significant knowledge in the seismic sector, born from Angelo De Cocinis’ 20 years of experience and his team of selected experts. We have translated the processes of design, implementation, and management of buildings into a digital key, exploiting the potential offered by new empowering technologies.

What we do

Making and Re-Making buildings and cities. We work with mindfulness and scientific method by prioritizing quality. We design the buildings of the future and restore buildings of the past. We transform cities and give new life to frozen places. We believe that Architecture and Engineering should value what we have by sustainably fitting into the environment.

How we do it

We use BIM based methodology, follow the principles of Building Ergotechnics, combined with the Design Thinking approach, thus optimizing the Co-Design (Human Centred Design) process. Reverse engineering of the built environment (Digital Twin) and predictive modeling of future constructions make our way of working Engaging and Creative.


Quality Management System (QMS) certified ISO 9001:2015 Abicert – Accredia for the following activities:

  • Architectural Design;
  • Structural Design;
  • Facilities Design;
  • Construction Management
  • Safety Coordination in Design (CSP) 81/2008
  • Safety Coordination in Execution (CSE) 81/2008
  • Structural inspections of public works

Certification ISO 9001:2015 -RT 21 ABICert – ACCREDIA

  • Design Verification for Validation Art. 26 D.Lgs 50 – Works up to €


North ItalyBest Digital Design & Construction Firm - North Italy

Released by BUILD MAGAZINE – UK · set 2022

It was awarded by the British magazine BUILD as part of the FACILITIES MANAGEMENT AWARDS 2022 competition as Best Digital Design & Construction Firm – North Italy with the following motivations:

To determine the results of the Facilities Management Awards 2022, our judging panel and internal research team take into account the commitment, expertise, and innovation shown by nominees through nomination information, voting information, and any supporting evidence that you have supplied.
Our internal research team also conduct their own due diligence both online and in the public domain during an extensive period of fact-checking and research.
Above all, successful awardees are selected based on merit and their contribution to the wider Facilities Management sector, not on number of votes nor the size of your firm.
In order to succeed you must demonstrate a high-level of excellence within your field. Consequently, our judges have determined that E-Making Srl is one of our standout organizations for 2022.

Space Jam dedicated to the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction)

Released by Matterport, Inc. 352 E Java Dr. Sunnyvale, CA 94089 · apr 2022

Space Jams are friendly competitions where 5 Platform Partners are given 5 minutes each to showcase their solution.
- At the end, attendees vote live on their favorite demo
- Hosted by Matterport, invite only partner participation
Select your most persuasive presenter and prepare to wow the crowd.
The most memorable solution takes the cake.
e-Building with Angelo De Cocins has taken the cake !

First prize at the BIM&DIGITAL AWARD 2020 SAIE

Released by Bim&Digital SAIE Award 2020 · dic 2020.

Category 4 Small Projects

Charter of Values

It is not possible to think, to design, to build a work that will last over time and inevitably leave indelible marks, without at least attempting to do so with strong and important VALUES as a guide.

We have written up our own, words that mean something very specific to us and define our Charter of Values:

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Uncontrolled desire is the driving force behind imagination that connects things to keep intelligence amused.

Desire for knowledge that drives to explore new possibilities and explore details. A constant opportunity for growth and improvement.

Awareness of one’s social role and the consequences of one’s actions, imposes scrupulous and careful behavior in applying the Science that has been handed down to us.

Anticipate in time what might happen and consequently adapt your actions wisely.

To interconnect, compare ideas and share paths and methodologies, proposals and solutions, in and out of work groups, valuing the contribution of the individual.

Fairness, loyalty, fidelity to one’s inclinations and Values, operating within the boundaries of one’s professionalism.

Customers’ needs are the central element in defining business strategies and in the organization of processes, an accurate needs analysis is indispensable in order to meet expressed and unexpressed demands.

Realizing that organization and the efficiency of processes are indispensable elements in achieving business success, managing risks, opportunities and the expectations of stakeholders. The Quality System must support the entire organization in achieving the goals of the Directorate and in the continuous improvement

The people