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e-Making actively collaborates with numerous organizations nationally and internationally with which it has signed Partnership contracts, needed to consolidate the working relationship and ensure the client’s high standard for the services offered.

StudioDEG Srl

StudioDEG – Civil Engineering, Architecture

StudioDEG is the historical partner from which E-Making Srl was born

StudioDEG was born in 2000 from an idea of Angelo De Cocinis, Structural Civil Engineer and his wife Silvia Bralia, Designer. The founder's approach with a strong technical-scientific connotation, has allowed to apply the knowledge and results of the most modern and advanced research in the field of engineering, physics, material technologies integrating them with Creativity and rigor through phases of ideation, design and implementation with the result of creating functional works and services, focused on the needs of the people who live in them that remain the focus of all the activities of the firm.

Matterport Inc.


Chosen by Fortune 500 companies in more than 170 countries.

e-Making Srl is partnering with Matterport Inc. Sunnyvale, CA (USA) with the development of its own e-Building platform.

What is a digital twin? A digital twin is a digital copy of a real place or object. Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies make it possible to create 3D digital twins with precise dimensions that can be quickly updated to always reflect changes in their physical counterparts. Matterport Partners