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Co-Design Models

e-Making realises co-design models from BIM models, which can be visualised via the Web, on which the user can make material choices and can test the modification of the model in real-time.

With the click of the mouse, you can navigate the model. The Virtual Tour can also be activated via the menus at the top right (thus taking you to predefined views) or the menu at the bottom right can be used to activate the Automatic Tour, which can be interrupted at any time to continue according to your own choices.

The configurator can be used to simulate choices provided for in the specifications, such as flooring, wall coverings, doors, sanitary ware, etc.. Or for participatory design activities for interventions in public areas in which the community or various stakeholders can experiment the various solutions proposed by navigating the model.

By clicking on the blue icons with the i symbol, you can change the materials of objects.

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Measurable virtual inspection, from any device at any time and without installing any software, accessible on a dedicated platform.

  • Construction companies for renovation and building sites;
  • Design company for integration in the BIM Design process.

Virtualisation of the Built Environment

Realisation of virtual 3D models of the built environment embeddable on your own website, with the possibility of locating it on a Google map integrated with Street View and managed with our e-Building platform

Ideal for showing the interiors of immersive environments:

  • Museums, Exhibitions, Art Galleries
  • Schools OpenDay
  • Properties for sale and rent;
  • Wellness Centres Spa;
  • Bed & breakfast;
  • Hotels;
  • Restaurants;
  • Business activities.

e-Building Cloud Platform | SaaS

All reverse engineering and design activities with digital content are handled with the proprietary e-Building platform.

The multi-user cloud platform is also distributed as SaaS under Subscription.

With e-Building, this is possible:

  • Visualise, query, archive and distribute BIM models via the web in a variety of formats including, .rvt; .ifc; skp; .dwg; .stp
  • Visualise and share via web Point clouds;
  • View, share, archive all kinds of digital content through its powerful document manager

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