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Civil Structures Engineer Adjunct faculty member at Politecnico Milano


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His Building design activity starts just after the achievement of Surveyor Graduate. From the very beginning he begins to work with some engineering firms, where he gains design and construction knowledge Once achieved the Degree in Civil Engineering he moved to Bologna, where he started to cooperate with several engineering firms;

Afterwards, while maintaining his freelance activity, he was employed by one of the most relevant Italian construction companies, where he played several roles, from safety coordinator to executive planning reviewer, assuming also the role of quarry and gravel crusher manager.

In July 2002 he started to work purely as freelance, establishing StudioDEG (De Cocinis Engineering Group) firm and creating a work group focused on architectural, structural and infrastructural design and consulting for construction companies, enterprises and public administrations. From then, studioDEG has developed more than 350 works, including design, construction managing and consulting activities.

In 2018 he founded e-Making S.r.l., a digital engineering company focused on human-centred design The company engages in integrated design in the B.I.M. environment and by exploiting the potential offered by new enabling technologies offers innovative services in the fields of building design, due diligence and facility management.

Since September 2018, he has started a collaboration with Politecnico di Milano as an Adjunct faculty member, in the course of Technology and Design in BIM Environment.

General Informations

  • Born Jan. 04, 1971, in Capaccio Paestum (SA) – Italy
  • Registered in the Order of Engineers of the Province of Bologna No. 6028/A.
  • Licensed to practice as an engineer obtained in the 2nd session of 1999 at the University of Salerno.
  • Registered in the list of the Ministry of the Interior Enabled 818/84 No. BO 6028 I 0492 (Fire Prevention).
  • Registered in Static Building Tester list according to 1086/71 Italian law – Order of Engineers of Bologna.
  • Credited as “Energy Building Certifier Emilia Romagna Region n.02074“.
  • Credited as “Energy Building Certifier Abruzzo Region“.
  • Credited as “Energy Building Certifier Marche Region“.
  • Credited as “Energy Building Certifier Campania Region“.
  • Qualified to Safety Coordination according to Italian 494/96 law, now D.Lgs 81/2008.
  • Certificate of Public Merit III Class 1st Band Patent No. 167792/42086 – Conferred by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Department of Civil Defense on April 12, 2011. A Testimony to the Work and commitment given in carrying out activities related to Civil Defense events.
  • Certificate of Commendation Earthquake Emergency Central Italy 2016 – Conferred by Order of Engineers of the Province of Bologna Italy.
  • Qualified for the enrolment to NTN (Italian National Technical Centre for damage recognition and practicability assessment in earthquake emergence) according to DPCM 08/07/2014.
  • Qualified to compile AEDES sheets – Post-earthquake damage assessment.
  • Enrolled in Centro Italia 2016 post-earthquake reconstruction special list.
  • Component of public commission board “Commissione per La Qualità Architettonica e il Paesaggio del Comune di Galliera (BO)” during 2006-2009 3-years period and reconfirmed for 2009-2012 period.
  • Coordinator of Bologna Order of Engineers Structures Committee during 2008/2009 period.
  • Selected engineer for 2011 DRHOUSE project, ASA module (Advanced Seismic Assessment), for complex and/or strategical buildings assessment.
  • BuildingSMART Professional Certification with BuildingSmart Italia and BuildigSmart International


  • Surveyor’s degree, earned with a rating of 58/60.
  • Graduation in Civil Engineering specialized in Structures, obtained with 108/110 on July 15th, 1999 at the University of Salerno – Italy
  • Graduation thesis “Damages analysis and diagnosis, rehabilitation principles for monumental sites conservation” (Speaker: Prof. ing. B. Palazzo; Related: Prof. ing. C. Faella);
  • Executive Master in Business Innovation Design – Period from November 2017 to October 2018 at Bologna Business School – University of Bologna – Italy, Director of the Master Prof. Flaviano Celaschi. Direttore del Master Prof. Flaviano Celaschi