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Via Ciro Bisi, n. 140 Modena



Contracting authority:

Comune di Modena


Geom. Roberto Pieri

Amount of works:

€ 5.280.574

Technical Manager verification activities:

Ing. Angelo De Cocinis

Team of work:

Ing. Angelo De Cocinis
Ing. Paolo Pederzini
Arch. Enrico Merli

Focus on e-Making Check service

EXECUTIVE design verification activities for the purpose of validation covered all disciplines, and in particular, the following were evaluated:

  • Administrative and formal PNRR requirements
  • Architectural Design;
  • Structural Design;
  • MEP Design
  • Progettazione Impianti elettrici;
  • Design of Fire Prevention;
  • Safety Design D.Lgs 81/08
  • Metric calculations and Gantt
  • Contractability of intervention

The verification activity required an initial phase in which “findings” and “observations” were highlighted that required the revision of the drafts, which were subsequently submitted for verification with positive results.